Monday, July 6, 2009

Making real cash money with free ebooks

Can you even imagine what your online biz

will be like if you had 700+ virtual salesmen working for you and night...without even asking for a raise?

126 Ebooks for free126 re-brandable books across 17 hot niches containing 700+ affiliate links that you can brand using your affiliate ids are waiting for you. And even get master resale rights to all these 126 books! So you can sell them on your own and keep 100 % of the profit.

To good to be true you say? Wrong!

Now let me explain how this deal will work for you.

You get 126 high-quality ebooks around themes that everybody is instered in. Since these books have just been released, they are all fresh and you will not find them
anywhere on the Internet. All these books have been created by my team and myself using brand-new, fresh, high quality articles. The average number of pages in these 126 books is 70 Pages!. So you will be getting massive amount of content. 9,000+ Pages in total!

Each of these books is very well formatted, for easier and enjoyable reading. The Table Of Contents is also hyper-linked for convenient browsing. The ecovers of all the books are of very high quality and super-attractive.

In each book, I have tried my best to promote programs related to that niche. But unfortunately, Clickbank does not have good products for every niche. In such cases, I have included programs of a more general nature like Health, Dating or Law of Attraction.

In just a few books (mainly in the Outdoors Sports And Adventure and Gardening Categories) I have programs from Commission Junction, Share-a-sale, and Linkshare. Because of the structure of their affiliate links, these programs cannot be rebranded. However, there will definitely be Ads from Clickbank and my own Affiliate Program that you can re-brand.

I have tried to choose only quality programs that pay the affiliates well. So any one
sale from ANY book, will recoup the investment for that book, and all further sales are 100% pure profit

And now it's up to you: Go grab this package and brand these ebooks using your clickbank ids and other affiliate ids! And then Give your branded ebooks for free or sell them... And see profits rolling in!

Rebranding these books is very easy for anyone! But still, I have included complete branding instructions with Screenshots. Complete instructions on how to sign up for my Affiliate program through Fantasos (with Screenshots) also provided.

It is not necessary to purchase the entire package of 126 books. You can even purchase individual books, or any of the mini-packages available. You get MRR to whatever you purchase! Never, ever complain about not having a product.

Start building a list in various hot niches. Gain enough confidence and see firsthand that there is money on the internet! Expand and diversify your product portfolio. And take your business to the next level. Become an affiliate and promote this package for a massive 75% commission.

This is really easy as counting 123 and you have best chances to make real money soon. Imagine you give away each of these 126 ebooks for free to only 3 persons in the following 12 months. And each ebook contains up to 7 Links with your personal affiliate ID.

That means you will spread around about 126x3x7 = 2.646 chances to make a sale and that also means your customers will be distributing books containing YOUR LINKS!

Now if you don't believe this check out my own website and download as much ebooks as you can, for free. But remember, these ebooks are branded with my affiliate links.

To get the whole package or even smaller parts and include YOUR LINKS please click on the following link.

Article by

Horst Graebner



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