Thursday, December 31, 2009

3 SEO Tips For Beginners in Internet Marketing

SEO, or search engine optimization is one of the most important tools that Internet marketers have at their disposal. SEO may be easy to overlook.

Many marketers rely on advertising campaigns, social networking, and direct links to drive traffic to their sites. These techniques all may be effective. However, marketers who learn and implement good SEO practices tap into a traffic source that will consistently bring targeted traffic to their pages.

When SEO web pages are done properly, optimized pages rank higher in the popular search engines for their targeted keywords. When someone searches for a specific product or service, the website with the highest ranking for those words shows up at the top of the list of results. Lower ranking pages get buried in the search results and are less likely to benefit those individuals searching for your products.

There are several different aspects to SEO search engine optimization and no one knows the exact algorithms used by the engines. However, the basic components of a high ranked page are clear to those who have studied search results.

The most common SEO techniques used in Internet marketing:

1. Properly formatted meta data
2. Properly placed keywords
3. Quality back links

Learning how to make these techniques work for you can be a bit time consuming, but the results will be well worth the effort.

SEO companies are sought out to build the content on your sites and optimize your pages to rank high for the keywords you want to target. SEO services may be costly. Marketers on a limited budget, or those who wish to have a hands-on approach to their websites should learn SEO and put the principles into practice on their own. Within just a short time, traffic will begin to grow, bringing in potential customers who are searching for exactly what you have to offer.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

4 Critical Ways To Get Traffic To Your New Website

Now you have your new website and you are keen to start making some sales! But, how can you make sales if you do not have high volumes of traffic to your website?

One of the challenges which people starting a new online business face is that of getting traffic to their website. This article outlines four important steps you must follow to start generating some traffic to your website.

1. Have unique content on your website. Search engine robots look at all websites on a regular basis looking for sites with fresh and new content. It is therefore important for you to have fresh and high quality content which will get your website quickly indexed by search engines.

2. Have all your keywords on your website. You can use a site like Keyword Country.It is important that you have all the relevant keywords and phrases that relate to your topic on your web pages and any articles you post on your website. This will increase your website ranking on search engines which means that your website will rank high when people type keywords relating to your topic on search engines. You will therefore get many visitors coming to your site via the search engines. When people visit your website, the high quality content you have will make people spend more time on your site and ultimately buy some of the products or services you offer on your site.

3. Because your website is new, you must submit it to search engines. Submitting your URL to the search engines is an important step towards getting more visitors because it means your website will be visible from search engines. Having your website URL on search engines means that when people look for information relating to your topic on these search engines, they will find your website.

4. Exchange some website links with websites that have a high popularity rank (PR). Exchanging links with popular and related websites is an effective way to drive traffic to your website, and improve the raking of your site. You will get some traffic coming to your website through other websites that you have linked to.

By following the tips outlined in this article, you will realize that increasing your website traffic and getting more people to visit your new website is very easy to do. All you need to do is to follow these steps and you will soon see an increase in traffic to your website which will mean a lot of sales and online profits for your internet business!

Article by

Ken Bou - March 29, 2009


Monday, July 6, 2009

Making real cash money with free ebooks

Can you even imagine what your online biz

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sourcing Items to Sell

1. Garage Sales

Garage sales can be a great opportunity to pick up potentially valuable items selling for pennies. However, they do require a regular time commitment and a lot of patience! You'll quite likely travel around 5-8 sales before you find anything suitable. Going around garage sales requires planning and rising early. The best idea is to look through the morning papers as soon as they arrive. Plan your route to make most efficient use of your time so that you are not doubling back. Make a list of items you would like to find and the maximum amount you would pay to make a profit. And finally, don't forget to take cash! Take small bills and some change as most garage sale owners only have a small amount on hand. It's a waste of everyone's time if you have to race down to the ATM machine. Garage sales can be useful sources, but they rely on luck and have a high time cost per item. Thus, serious sellers don't rely on garage sales as their sole provider.
2. Liquidation sales

Liquidation sales are a fantastic way of finding brand-name items at enormous discounts. Check your newspapers and look for sales in your area. Before buying from a liquidator check to see why the goods are being sold. Most of the time liquidation sales take place for legitimate reasons such as company bankruptcy, store relocation and so on. However, it always pays to check as you don't want to end up with a pile of stock you can't shift. Another thing - don't bother with liquidation stock that is outside the scope of your business. There is no point buying liquidation bicycle equipment just because it's cheap when you only sell jewelry.

Alternatively, you can find liquidation sites on the Internet - one such site is SaleHoo. These sites make it extremely easy to buy liquidation, particularly if you live in an outlying area. One thing - just make sure that the possibility of damaged stock and used or returned items included in the lots is small or non-existent.

Liquidation sales are a great way to supplement your stock, but they can't be relied upon to restock the shelves.
3. Estate sales

Estate sales can be a goldmine for anyone selling jewelry, vintage clothing, books, furniture and so on. Once again, you need to have an idea of how much you can afford to spend before you go. Don't forget to buy items your customers would like, rather simply getting caught up in your own enthusiasm for what is for sale. Note that estate sales run by an agent are unlikely to garner the same bargains as one run by the family.
4. Clearance stores

At certain times of the year, most major stores will have a stock clear-out sale. Some of these sales give you the opportunity to buy goods 50% or more below the regular retail value. This can be a fantastic opportunity to find items to sell - or replenish your stocks. Good clearance sales can be equal to or even below a good wholesale price. Don't forget to overlook small hobby shops in your area with clearance sales either. If you know the store is going to have clearance sales regularly, then this can be one method of getting stock.
5. Wholesalers

Wholesalers are the most reliable method of sourcing goods. While the initial process can be time consuming at first, it is effort that pays off. When you have found a wholesale, you now have certainty of when you are going to receive stock and how much you will have to pay for it. The best way to find wholesalers is to use a directory. Directories remove the risk of dealing with illegitimate wholesalers and give you some peace of mind when dealing with wholesalers and manufacturers from China. Wholesalers should be the mainstay behind your product sourcing.


Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Few Tips When Working From Home

Working from home has become more and more popular and there are businesses starting up everywhere, as a lot of people are getting tired of waking up early only to realize that they have to make a long commute to a job they hate, working for a person or a company they do not want to work for.

There are so many great benefits to working from home, you can wake up whenever you want or need to and there is basically no commuting, all you do is walk to your home office. There are a few things to keep in mind however when working from home, you need to take all of your aspects of your home business seriously.

The home business you are involved in should be something you truly love and are dedicated to doing,if it is something you are truly interested in, taking it seriously and the hard work it takes to make the business successful should not be a problem, if it is something you are not passionate about, it could get easy to get lazy and slack off and make it harder for your business to succeed.

Doing some research and exploration can be a good thing for a home business as well, since you are on your own, you have nobody telling you to do it one way or another. Why not try multiple ways to become successful until you find the one that works the best for you, the world moves very quickly and people are coming up with better and better ideas.

Why not become informed about those ideas and even develop your own, the Internet is the most powerful tool a person with a home business has, you can not do anything without the Internet now, especially when trying to operate a business, it is a tool that lets you communicate with people all around the world.

You can also use it as a powerful marketing tool and draw people to a home business website that gives people information about your business and what you are trying to sell, these are just a few things you should be aware of when working from home, working from home is great because you are your own boss and you are on your own time, you have to realize, though that this is not a vacation, hard work is necessary to make money and become successful, and that is the ultimate goal in the end.

Gavin Cole


Monday, May 25, 2009

10 Ways To Stay Organized Working At Home

Working from home
can be a hugely rewarding and liberating lifestyle choice. Many people in recent years have taken to creating a greater balance between work and their family life. As a result working from home has become a viable option for many people.

This has been especially embraced by stay at home mums who enjoy the freedom and flexibility of working from home and being close to their children. While working from home has many advantages you must also ensure that you are organized to make the most of your home business.

While the idea of not having to get dressed each morning and avoiding the hazardous peak hour traffic is great the stark reality is many who choose to work from home encounter many distractions and comforts that can drastically reduce their efficiency and productivity.

Here are some ideas to help you make working from home more enjoyable and productive.

1. Create a workspace that you can be happy to work in. After all you are going to spend countless hours at your desk working you might as well create a comfortable work situation for yourself. Ideally this would mean setting aside a designated work area which is blocked off from the rest of your house. If you have a spare bedroom you can convert to a home office that would be even better otherwise buy yourself some partitions which are inexpensive so that you can create a feel that there is a work area and a home area. This will help you to get into work mode that much quicker and will also ensure that you have less distractions.

2. Choose your hours. While working from home can afford you greater flexibility to work the hours that you like and will even enable you to work around your other commitments like children you still need to get a schedule. By creating a schedule you will at least know when you are in work mode and when you are in family mode. If you start to blur the lines you may find that you never afford the opportunity to switch off from work which you otherwise would have been able had you been working in a 9 to 5 office situation. You can simply allocate certain hours in the day that you set aside for work and you can set aside certain hours for your kids and family for instance when they get home from school or nap time. This way you will be focused on your work without distractions and will enable you to enjoy your family time without any guilt.

3. Get professional. While you don't necessarily have to get dressed into work clothes every morning unless you are meeting clients that day you still need to get professional. Consider installing a second line to your home designated for work so that you can separate your personal and business calls. This goes for all your other forms of communication. Just because you are working from home doesn't mean you can't try to look professional.

4. Get out and network. Working from home can feel a bit isolated and lonely sometimes. It is imperative that you get out there and meet other like minded people so that you don't feel like you are struggling alone. There are many great networking organizations that cater to work at home business people. You can also consider joining your industry associations and other business networking functions to grow your network and to keep up to date with what is happening in your industry. Being constantly challenged and inspired is a great way to create that spark into your business day and will enable you to get the most out of your home business.

5. Self discipline is the key. Working from home may likely mean that you no longer have a boss to report to so you are the boss of your time. You need therefore to maintain a certain level of self discipline because no one else is going to do it for you. Set yourself targets that you want to achieve either daily or weekly so that you can give yourself some accountability and also direction for your work days.

Terence Young


Thursday, May 21, 2009

How to Find Time for Your Business

Any work-at-home-mom will confess that owing her own business is as challenging as it gets. While the rewards are bountiful, the word easy is not one used to describe small business ownership.

Many moms who work out of their home also have to multitask tending to the needs of their small children. In fact the reason many parents choose to work at home is so they can be available to care for the kids. Keeping up with household maintenance and child rearing is a full time job. So how does one find time for her business?

The answer to that is simple. You don't find time; you make time. Okay the part about making time may not be that simple, but it is very much doable. The most important factor in making time is your mind set. Remember RYBLAB – Run Your Business Like a Business. Assuming we're talking about a bona fide business and not just a little something you do periodically to earn a little extra cash, then it's important to manage your time.

The mom business owner who has an infant or toddler will need to manage her time much differently than one who has school aged children. For those who are also caring for an infant, take advantage of the times when baby is sleeping. Just don't forget to get a few hours of sleep yourself!

Toddlers are a little more challenging as they are very busy little people. Set up a desk for your little one near your computer. While mommy is working, your toddler can color or work on simple crafts. Or set up a small corner near you with some favorite toys.

Business owner parents who have children in school all day know they have a window of approximately six hours to get as much done as humanly possible without interruptions of parental tasks. The key is to take full advantage of any time you have to yourself or at least without a child needing your undivided attention.

Don't try to find the time – you'll run yourself ragged trying to find something that isn't there. You need to make the time. If you fail to plan, you can plan to fail. Just as married couples should schedule dates on a regular basis, small business owners need to schedule work time and stick with it!

You can do it!

Article by
Charissa Bear


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Affiliate Mistakes

The stories surrounding affiliate marketing are fascinating and eye-catching. People who do not know how the system works are inclined into believing that it is something capable of giving them a substantial fortune overnight. The hype surrounding affiliates who earn huge amounts of money are floating around in their heads, and while these stories are as near the truth as they can be, there are those who believe that they are going to have the same good fortune once they become involved in this particular business.

It is true that affiliate marketing is financially rewarding. People who have gone through the process to be able to succeed in this business are reaping the rewards that they worked toward. Many enjoy the kind of success that was not possible for them to have had under ordinary circumstances. Having gone through the full spectrum of affiliate marketing, however, these same people are the first ones who tell you that while such business is extremely profitable, there is absolutely no such thing as easy money in it.

Unawareness of this fact is one of the main reasons why there are people who fail wretchedly in the Internet business. Those who believe in myths concerning the easy money involved in systems such as affiliate marketing, do not know that there are those who have wasted time, effort and too many resources in trying to pursue the life of ease that they believe this business will give them. And so they go into affiliate marketing armed with nothing but myths and outlandish notions of wealth imbedded in their minds, never realizing that they are bound to make mistakes that would prove to be their breakdown.

In a business such as affiliate marketing what is the reason why so many try and so few succeed? The answer lies in the fact that many affiliates make mistakes that result from their lack of knowing all the facts on how the entire business runs. Affiliate marketing is not as simple as someone promoting another persons products through a website and then getting paid. You must be aware of what your customers in the world marketplace will want.

Realizing what the most common mistakes affiliates make can perhaps disperse the obscurity about the myths surrounding affiliate marketing by correcting some wrong ideas about it. It might also be able to make those interested understand that like any other business, there things you can do and things you can’t do involved if they want to make each of their steps count.

The first common mistake new affiliates make is their lack of knowledge concerning ins and outs involved in their business. This refers to the affiliate's knowledge of search engines in particular.

Affiliate marketing involves advertising. Advertising through the Internet could not exist without search engines. As an affiliate become as familiar with search engines as you would if you were purchasing a major item. Become friends with the search engine by studying search engine optimization closely. By doing this the affiliate is able to know what to do in connection with building a better website to use for his business.

When building the website, the second mistake is that affiliates burden their sites with banners that do not provide adequate information about the product at hand. The best way to conquer this mistake is to provide good content hand-in-hand with such banners. Customers need to know and understand the features of a product, and good content will be able to help them realize this goal.

The third mistake an affiliate can make is promoting only one product. As a result, customers are not given enough choices to choose from. The risk of generating fewer sales as compared to having more options for customers ponder about is the result. It is always better to give them a few options than to give them only one.

On the other side of the coin is the affiliate who makes the mistake of promoting too many products. As a result, customers are confused and end up not making a choice. It is perhaps good to give them only the best choices. This is because it is at the end of the day it is up to them to judge which one is the best for them to support.

All in all, affiliates that are fated to fail in this business are those who do not put forth enough effort to understand everything involved in the industry that they have chosen. Knowing the correct path step by careful step will prove to be valuable to them, as there is no other way to succeed than to go through all steps slowly and with conviction.

Author :Nancy


Make Money From Home Is For You

It is important to recession proof your home these days. To make money from home is the best way to do this. By getting a home based job or by having your own online business is the way for you to do this. These will definitely add income to your home or it can be an alternative you your paycheck. Needless to say, this means you will have more time to spend with your children and attend to their needs. In fact, more and more online businesses are growing so this is becoming the trend nowadays. At the same time, what is thriving in this time of economic troubles are only the online businesses. If you will check out the internet, you will find that many companies are posting their job offers online. Some are looking for home based employees while others are looking for freelancers. For you this could mean an opportunity to start your own business or have a new career at home. In fact, as a home business opportunity, you have

Those who have online business earn considerably more that those who have regular work. Even those with degree and years of experience eventually find that they are living on a paycheck to paycheck. This is why those who have careers at home, such as freelance writers, and owners of successful online businesses switched from regular jobs to making money from their homes.

To be well informed is the first thing you should do to make money from home. If you want a home based job, check out the internet. See what the companies need and check them against your qualifications and needs. Do you know that large companies now have to outsource because of the cutting back on staff? The department they usually outsource is the customer service. This is the reason why despite the recession many companies are looking for customer service representatives that are home based. If you think this is the job for you can apply online. You will definitely find a job that suits you if customer service related is not for you because there are also other jobs being offered.

If you do not like working for a company, you can also become a freelancer. Freelancing is a very good option because many companies now are also outsourcing from freelancers. Being a freelancer, you can choose your clients and the jobs you want to accept. Although starting might be slow eventually you will see that you have already built a solid and strong portfolio and client base. You will be surprised then at how the cash seems to keep rolling in and how easy it is to make money from home.

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Ask WAHS Leslie: Getting Spouse Support to Work-At-Home

Getting Spouse Support for your Business


I would like to work at home,but my husband always comes up with reasons why each thing I want to do is a bad idea. How do other people get support from their husbands so they can work at home? Diane, NM


I have been fortunate that
my endeavors have always been supported by my husband so I'm always surprised at
how often I hear of people who don't support their spouses dreams. I have talked
to many people who want to work at home and then say to me, "I have to talk it
over with my husband (or wife)." I'm all for decisions being made as a couple
but I find it odd that only one is involved in the info gathering while the
other seems to have the power to say "yes" or "no" without having participated
in the info gathering.
I have this impression that women are telling their husbands, "I want to
work at home," and the husbands are saying "Yes, dear." But when she finally
takes the step, and reality hits, husbands pull back. "Whoa! Where are you going
to find the time?", "What if you fail?", "What is this thing you sent our hard
earned money to?" (I should add here that I know this happens to husbands too
who'd like to start a home business but their wives don't support it.)

To read full article, click
on the header or "read on".



Thursday, May 14, 2009

Beware ! Western Union Check SCAM !

May 11, 2009 Mystery Shopping And Paid Survey
Representative ID:00116/900HR

My Internet Name
My Real Address

With reference to your previous job search with Consumer Survey Specialists you indicated that you were interested in an additional income on a part time basis. Congratulations, you have been selected to participate in a paid consumer research program in your area of residence as a mystery shopper for Millennium Research Inc. Mystery shopping has been confirmed by experts as one of the most exciting jobs in the world with fair remuneration. you do not need experience to qualify and formal education is not a requirement, all you need do is shop and report your experience.

This research program is fully paid program and would become a permanent part-time position for a selected few who are able to distinguish themselves in the course of this training program. During this training assignment, your salary will be fixed at $350.00 per week for the first three months. Additional increment will follow upon your acceptance as a permanent staff.

The first evaluation will take place at any Western Union location close to you. Here while making a money transfer, you will be investigating customer satisfaction and transfer charges; also observe the kind of questions they ask you. Never supply your social security number if asked, it is not a requirement,you may require photo identity.
the objective of this assignment will be to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of a payment system called Western Union. you will pose as a potential customer sending money to any of the company's agents: Darryl Gates in Greenville, SC 29615 or Richard Coleman in Greenville, SC 29615

After this assignment , please call and then complete your market evaluation form in detail and fax to us immediately as this will enable us to send out your next assignment on time. Call your agent to report completion. The second evaluation will take place in any two of the following retail stores: Home Depot, Gap, JC Penny, K0Mart or Sears. You are required to spend $100.00 shopping while evaluating their consumer service. please buy products of your choice but you must fax us the receipts.

The funds needed to complete the assignments have been provided in the enclosed check and beloe is the breakdown of the funds. Merchandise acquired in the second assignment is yours to keep.

1. Your first weeks pay $350.002.
2. Your first assignment, to evaluate Western Union $2,375.75
3. Your estimated sender's fee, to be paid to Western Union $150.004.
4. Your second assignment- Shopping $100.00

Total $2,975.75

Please call any of our research coordinators at 1-450-675-7859 for any further clarification or if you don't understand what to do. However, if you do understand all the instruction, go ahead and deposit your check. Once your check is through, usually in about two business days, withdraw all the amount required for the assignment only; go to any nearby Western Union Agent's office and evaluate it. Next, go to any of the listed retail outlets and evaluate it too. Then inform your coordinator and fax your market report sheet and all receipts from Western Union to: 1-864-752-1776

Yolanda Davis
Research Coordinator.

Please DO NOT Cash the check as it is fake even tho it looks real, You will only be getting yourself in trouble with your bank if you do.

Links to others that have gotten this or similar letters can be found here and here


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My May Work At Home Update !

It has been a little while since my last update and that's because no Work at home programs that are as easy as the ones i have listed here so far are "Make you rich overnight" Programs. They all take a little time and effort to make them work.But take that time and do just what the programs ask you to do and you will see the easy money coming in little by little and after awhile you will see a continuous stream of cash coming in ! Now For your Updates.

From my Affiliate program"Own Your Own People Search"
i Have 165$ ready to be sent to me in 1 more week and it could go higher!

From The "My Instant Biz" Program i have 2 people in my Downline that could Amount to 35$ after their 30 day trial are up and Residual income each month after and i hope to have at least 1 new member per month tho i will probably get more then that due to the way the program works. (The more time you surf the more chance you get someone in your Downline)
The program asks that you surf 1 hour a day i do 2 or even more on weekends.

"Me2Everyone is almost ready to launch and with the little time i spent promoting it i have 1300 shares (100 signup 200 each for the 6 members i singed up)
I Will need to keep my eye on this when it actually goes live. when i can sell my shares for real cash or use them to build a business in their community.

I have had Very little time to work on this but have 2 People in my Downline and need 2 more for it to cycle and that gets me 20$ when that happens and with the random refferals the site gives out it should be sooner rather then later.

Thats all for now ! Things are looking up as i get more and more into running my programs
i expect more easy work at home income !
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009



Something incredible is coming!

I just became a shareholder in me2everyone and I never had to pay a single penny for the shares! Pre-launched in January 2009, more than 30,000 new members are discovering me2everyone every week: and when the full site launches we are expecting a huge surge in new memberships. You can register for free and it never has to cost you a single penny!

me2everyone is going to be a cool new virtual world where you can meet friends, chat, shop, play, watch videos, create an art gallery, open a virtual newspaper, play the free inworld lottery and make money from your own online store! You and everyone you know make the decisions, shape the world, create real incomes and share in the profits. It’s a new place where you meet new people or invite your friends. Learn new skills or expand your business. Find the love of your life or help the planet.

It will eventually become a hybrid between a 2D social network and a 3D world. There will be scope for business and there are plans to put 72,000 people into work over the next 3 years. This is something that you simply have to consider registering for. You details are 100% safe and the Company is run by professional directors. This is an excellent chance for all of us to make some real progress in 2009 and beyond! Please do not miss it.

If you are looking for something really good in 2009: something that changes your view on the world, then you really have to spend just one minute and look at this website.

Kind Regards...

David aka Gammie !

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Monday, April 20, 2009

2 Great Sites That Work Great Together !

When I First Started Looking for Work at Home Websites i came Across
This One It Lets You Start-Up Your Own People Search Website With Very Little Cost To You (There is 10$ For The Hosting of Your Site).

What That Means is That People Go To Your Site and Look for Other People. Now This is Not the Only Thing That the Program Offers There is Much More That can be Done But i Will Let you See All That When you Visit The Site. (And You Really Should)
It Guaranteed That i Would Make at least 125$ in Commissions in the First 24 Hours.And it Payed , The Next Day i Had a Commission of 125$ in my account.

Now In Order to Build on What is Already Done in Joining the Program You Need To Promote Your Search Site (The Creator Does Some of This For You) But the More You Spread it Around the More People You Get To Sign Up Under You.

That is Where i Came Upon This Next Program "My Instant Biz"
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Now i Have Not Been Doing This Very Long But Already Have a Nice Size "Downline" in Both Programs And They Will Only Grow and Grant me More Income As Time Goes On.

Here Are The Links Again For Easy Reference.

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Gammie's Blog Created !

Welcome to The Gammie At Work Blog !

I Created this Blog In-Order to Bring to the Attention of Others
Some of The great Work At Home Opportunities i Have Come Across.

Please Follow Along as i Continue To Find More and Keep You Updated
With Some of the Best Offers Out There !



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