Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Program 90 Days Free No Credit Card Needed !

So how many times have you seen someone offer you a
free trial of something or other, but to get started
you need to provide a credit card number, or use your
Paypal account to sign up.

A lot of services or products even ask that you pay
ONLY $1 to start any sort of trial and act as if you
are getting an incredible value.

But what they are really doing is getting your credit
card number or PayPal account locked into their auto
re-billing feature and hiding behind their real motive
simply by telling you that it is for your convenience.

It is a well known fact that many people who offer
products or services are making more money due simply
to people forgetting to cancel these auto re-bills.

Now I'm not in any way speaking for all marketers.
Many do in fact provide great value and are trying to
make things easier, but it is also an overly abused
marketing tactic to make the product or service owner
a lot of extra recurring income.

You see a lot of unethical marketers know that most
of the time you will forget about the trial and a few
months later you will finally notice that you have been
charged XX dollars every month. Guess who makes a pile
of money that way. That's not cool man.

So it is something to watch out for when signing up
to any free trials of anything.

On a total flip side, here's an example of a guy who
has an insanely good fr.ee trial offer, but you don't
have to give your credit card or Paypal account up
front. It's just a free trial, because he believe it
works and is not hiding behind anything!


It's a no obligations 90 Day Free Trial of what's
called the Smart Subscriber marketing system. His name
is Ian and he's been an online marketer for over a
decade and claims he will make you mon.ey through
affliate commissions just to prove his service is
worth paying for!

With no credit cards or Paypal account stuff upfront,
I'd say that's a pretty rock solid and safe free trial.

Sign up HERE


Saturday, January 9, 2010

I have tried forty data entry sites and among them only three are legitimate and the rest are scams. The three legitimate programs are National Data Entry, My Data Team and Data PC Jobs. These three programs are also known as the top three programs worldwide from 2005-2009.
Searching for home based work such as data management care through Google, MSM and Yahoo will generate many ads and you will be overwhelmed by their exaggerated marketing slogans and to name a few we have: "data entry job stress free, easy money", "try data entry and earn not less than $20.00 per hour" and others. Do not be impulsive and dive in immediately to these ads because you might be scammed. Always research first or just make the smart move of enrolling in proven and tested programs to save yourself from the inconvenience and unnecessary expenses and waste of your time.
My experience taught me that if a program has the following signs the best thing to do is to turn around and
not to dare take chances because the company or program is a fraud: obsolete information being disseminate, no customer support (no working telephone numbers to call for inquiries, no email support), no facts and questions area found in the homepage), you will be given links that will lead you to other sites, no member section and unexplainable monthly fees are required to upgrade membership.
Among the three legitimate programs that offer legitimate working from home jobs the National Data Entry for me is the best. It offers one-on-one coaching sessions for their members that are especially helpful if you are a neophyte in the business. You will be given personal attention by highly trained advisers. This personalized type of service is unique and as far as I know only this particular program offers it. The onetime membership fee is very affordable and it is risk free because they offer a money back guarantee after giving the program a try and still you find it useless and not effective in helping you reach your business goals.
Best Home Data Entry: Featured on CNN Money! Check out my National Data Entry review at my site! - Don't forget, you can also get 50% - 75% off for a limited time so go now, you'll be sorry if you miss it!



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