Monday, May 18, 2009

Ask WAHS Leslie: Getting Spouse Support to Work-At-Home

Getting Spouse Support for your Business


I would like to work at home,but my husband always comes up with reasons why each thing I want to do is a bad idea. How do other people get support from their husbands so they can work at home? Diane, NM


I have been fortunate that
my endeavors have always been supported by my husband so I'm always surprised at
how often I hear of people who don't support their spouses dreams. I have talked
to many people who want to work at home and then say to me, "I have to talk it
over with my husband (or wife)." I'm all for decisions being made as a couple
but I find it odd that only one is involved in the info gathering while the
other seems to have the power to say "yes" or "no" without having participated
in the info gathering.
I have this impression that women are telling their husbands, "I want to
work at home," and the husbands are saying "Yes, dear." But when she finally
takes the step, and reality hits, husbands pull back. "Whoa! Where are you going
to find the time?", "What if you fail?", "What is this thing you sent our hard
earned money to?" (I should add here that I know this happens to husbands too
who'd like to start a home business but their wives don't support it.)

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